USA! USA! USA! (Part 1) San Fransisco

Adventure Stats!

What: An American Road Trip – Part 1 San Fransisco
When: May / June 2015
Distance from home: 5351 Miles
Length of adventure: Nights 1 – 3 of 16

London to San Fransisco
London to San Fransisco

Details: An American road trip was an adventure we had wanted to go on for over two years. We decided to go to California as there is a lot to see and you don’t have to travel too far before the scenery changes completely.

What did we do? We started by flying to San Fransisco and despite the jet lag we got our tourist on and spent two days seeing the sites. These included:

  • Brunching
  • A trip to Alcatraz
  • Looking at the Sea lions on Pier 39
  • Going to watch a baseball game – San Francisco Giants Vs Atlanta Braves – neither of us knew the rules but that didn’t matter
  • Eating at The Stinking Rose – an entirely garlic restaurant
  • And driving over the Golden Gate Bridge on our way to Napa Vally – for more on that see USA! USA! USA! Part 2

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