USA! USA! USA! (Part 2) Napa

What: An American Road Trip – Part 2 Napa
When: May / June 2015
Distance from home: 5312 Miles
Length of adventure: Nights 4 and 5 of 16

San Fransisco to NapaA

Details: After seeing the sights of San Fransisco we picked up our hire care and drove up to Napa Valley – via the Golden Gate Bridge.

What did we do? Most of our time in Napa was spent drinking wine! We did wine tastings at several of Napa’s tasting rooms and we did a day long tour. For the tour we went with Platypus Wine Tours they take small groups and choose 4 vineyards based on the tastes of the people in the group. It meant that we got to go to smaller less commercial vineyards and had a very personalised experience. Of all the places we went I wish we had spent more time in wine country maybe going further north.

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