A wedding anniversary jaunt to Caerleon

What: A wedding anniversary jaunt to Caerleon 

When: September 12th and 13th
Distance from home: 130 Miles
Length of adventure: 1 night

Details: For our first wedding anniversary we decided to go to Caerleon in South Wales. We have been back and forwards to Wales quite a bit this year for work and family gatherings so it was nice to go just the two of us.

What did we do? For those that don’t know Caerleon is a suburban village in South Wales (very near the bridge) however it is also home to some amazing Roman Ruins. Back in the day it was a Roman fortress. While we were there we went to the Roman Baths, pretended to wrestle at the amphitheatre and then went for a very nice pub dinner at The Bell. We also went to Usk a little village down the road for hot chocolate and saw a rather fetching dragon in the window of the hairdressers.


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