USA! USA! USA! (Part 4) The Big Sur

What: An American Road Trip – Part 4 The Big Sur
When: May / June 2015
Distance from home: 5416 Miles
Length of adventure: nights 8 to 10 of 16

to the coast map

Details: After the breathing the fresh air of Yeosemite we headed to the coast to see the sea and drive down the Big Sur.

What did we do? After driving from Yosemite to the coast we spent the night in the very twee Carmel-by-the-Sea. The next morning we did the 17 mile drive stopping off at the 18th hole at Pebble Beach golf course. Neil is a big fan of golf!

After lunch there we headed down the coast. On the way we stopped to see Elephant Seals – possibly the fattest smelliest animals I have ever seen. They were just lolling around on the beach honking loudly.

The next morning we went for breakfast at the Madonna Inn. It is just as pink as it looks in the pictures. Next stop was Pismo Beach where we saw whales leaping at sea! Yes whales… hump back whales. We also went for a paddle in the Pacific – it was very chilly.

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