USA! USA! USA! (Part 6) New York, New York!

What: An American Road Trip – Part 6 – the final leg New York
When: May / June 2015
Distance from home: 3459 Miles
Length of adventure: nights 14 to 16

blog map

Details: We knew we would probably have to break up our flight home somewhere so thought why not turn it into a few day stay. So we flew from Vegas to New York and spent three days exploring the city.

What did we do? As we live in London we sort approached our time there as if it were a long weekend at home. We also realised that we could never see everything and we are almost certainly going to go back so decided not to rush to much.

So here is a list of all things we did and even though we were taking a laid back attitude we still managed to cram a lot in!

  • We went up the Empire State building
  • Went on the Subway
  • Had a Reuben Sandwich at Katz’s
  • Wondered through Greenwich
  • Drank cocktails in Greenwich (the less said about that the better)
  • Drank cocktails in Grand Central
  • Had a picnic in Central Park
  • Went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Impressionism
  • Ate steak
  • Wondered down 5th Avenue
  • Drank wine at Moma
  • Went in several Taxis
  • Popped out heads in at Tiffany’s….

I think one of our favorite bits from the whole trip was our central park picnic followed by wondering round the Met. We also have some friends in New York so we met them for cocktails in Greenwich in the evening. The whole day felt very simlar to what we do at home except we were in New York!

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