Rambling in Dorset

What: A weekend rambling in Dorset
When: May 2014
Distance from home: 119 Miles
Length of adventure: 2 nights

My very organized friends have booked a week away in Dorset for New Years this year. We were talking about it recently and it reminded me of the weekend Neil and I went there last year.

We were in the middle of wedding planning and saving money for our honeymoon but really wanted to get out of London and see the sea so we headed to Dorset. Neither of us had been before, it was just over a two hour drive and there were beaches so that was good enough for us.

We stayed inland in a lovely country pub / B&B but it was only about a 20 min drive to the coast down lovely winding lanes with lambs frolicking in the fields.

The Jurassic Coast line stretches for miles but we went for the bit that has Lulworth Cove and the Durdel Door. It was really stunning, the water was so clear and it was a really warm day. Naïvely as the water was so clear and the weather was so warm I forgot I was in England and ran happily into the sea for a swim. It was so cold though I only lasted 5mins!

On the way home we stopped off for lunch in Salisbury to see their cathedral which is very impressive and looked over the fence at Stonehenge.

Even though we were only away for two nights it felt like we were gone for much longer. We can’t wait to go back at New Years though this time I will not be going in the sea!

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