4 Nights in Iceland

What: A short break in Iceland
When: December 2015
Distance from home: 1170
Length of adventure: 4 nights

Details: With some holiday days that had to be taken before the end of the year we wanted to go somewhere exciting but not really further than a three hour flight. As no where that far south was going to really be warm enough we decided to go for the polar opposite and go to Iceland.

What did we do?

In 4 days we did the following:

Saw the Northern Lights – We opted for one of the more expensive tours (SuperJeeps) which take you out in a jeep to see them. Though they cost more they can go off road and you do stand a much high chance of seeing the lights. After several hours of driving and waiting for the snow to stop, the sky cleared and there in all their glory were the lights. It is a very hard thing to explain so I will just say they were as everyone says amazing.

Drove around the Golden Circle – We hired a car and with the help of several guide books we found most of the sites. As everything was covered in several foot of snow we couldn’t see everything but the snowy landscape itself was an incredible site. The things we did see were – the fault line in the tectonic plates in Þingvellir National Park, Gullfloss Falls and the Geyser. As it was -13 we didn’t wonder around much but we got the general idea.

Ate and drank lots of nice things – including dinner at the rather cool Laundromat – part bar / restaurant part laundrette! I also ate Christmas herring – pickled herring that tasted of Christmas!

Floated in the Blue Lagoon – It was very relaxing and strange to be outside in a very warm pool – when it is -1.

Explored Reykjavik – we saw the big church, went down to the harbour and pottered about in the old town.

All in all a super trip to an amazing country – We want to go back in the summer to see what it is like without all the snow.

You may be wondering why there is a picture of Eglsstadir Airport in the above collection. Well on the way there because of bad weather we couldn’t land in Keflavik and got diverted to a tiny airport on the other side of the country to wait for the weather to improve! It was an interesting start to the holiday and meant we got to go to a part of Iceland we would never have seen. The pilot also seemed pretty excited about it as he had never been either!

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