Floating in Ha Long Bay

What: A Cruise round Ha Long Bay
When: September 2014 on our Honeymoon!
Distance from home: 5793 miles
Length of adventure: 1 night

This is part two of our adventures in Vietnam – on the request of a chum who’s mum wants to go there.

Details: After Hoi An we flew to Hanoi, as we had already been there (more about that in Part three of our Vietnamese Adventures) we didn’t get up to that much, the main reason for going back was that the trips to Ha Long bay all seem to start there. For those that are interested in that sort of thing Ha Long Bay in another one of Vietnam’s UNESCO heritage sites. 

What did we do?

It really is what it says on the tin – we went on a cruise round Ha Long Bay. There are loads of companies that do these cruises all offering the same sort of things, the main difference between them is cost. So it’s basically how much you want to spend.

We did quite a bit of research but in the end saw that our hotel had three recommended companies so thought it would be easiest to book through them. As it was our honeymoon we went for one of the more expensive companies and also went on one of the old fashioned junks.

We were picked up from our hotel very early on the day of departure and were driven in a mini van to where the boats leave from. We were only on the boat for one night but they pack a lot in. We explored the caves on one of the islands and climbed to the top of another as well as going for a paddle in the sea. All the food was provided and there was a drinks reception on deck in the evening. The fact the boat was quite old fashioned made Neil and I feel like we were in an Agatha Christie novel. After dinner we lay on deck and watched shooting stars.

Activities aside just sailing through the bay is magical as it is truly stunning. I could have happily just sat on our balcony and watched the world go by for the day.

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