Ladies who lunch in Venice

What: A trip to Venice with My Mum and Aunt
When: March 2011
Distance from home: 966 Miles
Length of adventure: 2 nights

Details: This is an old skool adventure for the blog but as we went at this time of year it seemed appropriate to bring it up. Also Neil and I are currently trying to work out where to go on our big summer holiday and going back over old adventures always helps with inspiration.

So several years ago I went with my Mum and Aunty Jane to Venice.

What did we do?

As we were only there for two nights we did a whistle stop tour of all the main sights except we didn’t go in a gondola – it felt a tiny bit too touristy. That didn’t stop me taking lots of photos of them though.

We saw:

  • The Grand Canal
  • Piazza San Marco
  • Saint Marks Basilica
  • San Marco Campanile
  • Saint Marks Basilica
  • The Rialto Bridge
  • We drank coffee in small squares, which was charming
  • We drank wine in small squares, equally charming
  • We ate Pizza
  • We drank Bellini’s in Harry’s bar – they were over priced and not that great.

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