Hong Kong

What: The start of a south east asian adventure in Hong Kong
When: May 2012
Distance from home: 5991 miles
Length of adventure: 3 nights

Details: In 2012 we went on our first big adventure together, it was a two and a half weeks pottering around South East Asia and the first stop was Hong Kong! I have recently been listening to a radio play set there and it reminded me of the trip so I though I would blog about it.

What did we do? We were in Hong Kong for about 2 days and in that time hit all the main tourist spots including:

  • Going on the cable car to the Big Buddah and the Po Lin Monastery, where we had lunch. This was probably one of my favourite things to do in Hong Kong.
  • Going on the Star Ferry to the main land to go to Temple Street Night Market.
  • Drinking cocktails and eating xiao long bao which are frankly the best dumplings ever.
  • Going on the giant escalator.
  • Going to statue square.

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