Kuala Lumpur

What: The start of our honeymoon
When: September 2014
Distance from home: 6549 miles
Length of adventure: three nights

Details: Our honeymoon was a three week expedition to Malaysia, Vietnam (I’ve already written about Hanoi, Ha Long Bay and HoiAn) and we stopped off in Bangkok (read about that here) on the way home. We began our honeymoon in Kuala Lumpur before heading to the island of Pangkor Laut.

What did we do? A bit like Hong Kong and Bangkok we tried to see all the main attractions while cooling off in shopping malls when the heat got a bit too much for us.

In the few days we were there we…

  • Visited Merdeka Square
  • Wondered around Chinatown
  • Explored Jalan Petaling Market
  • Had a look at the giant Petronas Towers
  • Headed just out of the city to the Batu Caves which have a Hindu temple hidden inside them.
  • Got hit by jetlag one afternoon and had to eat so found ourselves in Nandos which we can report is very much the same to the ones in the UK.

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