Tuscany In the Autumn  

What: An autumn break to Tuscany
When: November 2016
Distance from home: 991 miles
Length of adventure: 5 nights

Details: We fancied a short autumn break some where warmer than London and as the season was just ending Tuscany had some really great deals so we booked a last minute trip to eat cheese, drink wine and explore the Italian country side in a tiny Fiat 500.

What did we do? 

DAY 1: We flew to Bologna and spent the rest of the day exploring the city, we also ate one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten for lunch. We spent the evening drinking wine and eating pasta…

DAY 2: We hoped in the car and drove south into the Tuscan hills, we then ate lunch out side at our hotel and spent the rest of the day reading in the sunshine.

DAY 3: Back in the car we went to explore Tuscany, we drove up to Volterra which was very windy so we had a little wonder then drove to the less windy San Gimignano where we ate the best pizza ever! In the evening we drove in an epic thunder storm to Siena for dinner.

DAY 4: We went back to Siena for the morning then drove to the Villa Armena via the hill top town Montalcino. When we got to the Villa we had an amazing lunch of local cheese and wine. After a bit of a walk we had dinner at the villa which was just as super as lunch.

DAY 5: We headed to Florence for a night before coming home – you can read about that here.


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