Lazing in Pangkor Laut

What: The relaxing bit of the honeymoon
When: September 2014
Distance from home: 6443 miles
Length of adventure: 5 nights

Details: As already explained in previous blogs our honeymoon was a three week expedition to Malaysia (read about the start in Kula Lumpur), Vietnam (read about about HanoiHa Long Bay and HoiAn) and we stopped off in Bangkok (read about that here) on the way home.

So after Kula Lumpur we headed for the relaxing on a luxury island bit of the honeymoon. As it was our honeymoon we decided to go full on luxury and headed to the little island of Pankgor Laut. The whole island is one resort and only open to people staying. It was the first time we have been anywhere like that as we normally get itchy feet and like to go exploring, however after the wedding spending 5 nights there doing very little was perfect. To top it off we also stayed on one of the huts on stilts over the water! It was all very luxurious.

What did we do? 

  • Read by the pool
  • Read on the beach
  • Read on our sun deck
  • Watched storms on the sun deck drinking champagne
  • Went swimming in the pool
  • Went swimming in the sea
  • Kayaked round part of the island – we planned on doing the whole thing but it was a bit further than we realised
  • Ate lots

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