Two Little Trips to Florence

What: Two trips to Florence
When: September 2013 and November 2016
Distance from home: 751 miles
Length of adventure: A night each time

Details:  We have been to Florence twice – the first time was part of a larger European adventure in France and Italy the second time was at the end of our short trip to Tuscany last year.

Both times we only stayed for a night but we saw the main sights did loads of walking and ate lots of amazing pasta along the way. Florence is such a lovely city to wonder about as there are so many tiny side roads to explore, cafes to sit out side drinking coffee and if it’s after 5 lovely Italian wine to spend an evening drinking!

What did we do?

  • Visited the Duomo, Campanile and Baptistry
  • Saw the Santa Croce church
  • Wondered around the Piazza della Signoria stopping to admire Michelangelo’s David, Neptune’s fountain and and Perseus to name a few.
  • Went to the Uffizi gallery and saw the Birth of Venus among other paintings – while we were there we also went up to the roof terrace to admire Florence.
  • Ate pasta in the Mercato Centrale market and it wasn’t until the last time there that we discovered it has an upstairs where you can sit and eat all manner of delicious things including amazing pasta!
  • Ambled over Ponte Vecchio

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