A Cup Of Tea In The Cameron Highlands

What: A wonder up a tea mountain
When: September 2014
Distance from home: 6463 miles
Length of adventure: 1 night

Details: As I have written about before, we went to Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand on our honeymoon – one of the places we went to in Malaysia was the Cameron Highlands.

We left the island of Pangkor Laut and got picked up from the port and driven up the mountain to the Cameron Highlands to see the tea, and strawberries and roses which all grow there in abundance.

While the tea plantation it’s self was very beautiful the rest of the mountain wasn’t quite what we expected. Looking at photos we thought it was going to be a lush green paradise on a mountain side which some of it was, however a lot of it was really built up with more building happening, there was also lots of rubbish on the road sides and in the rivers. It also was much colder than where we had come from and very rainy – which is great for growing tea but less fun when all you brought on holiday are summer clothes.

What did we do? 

We were supposed to spend two nights there but the first afternoon it rained so heavily we couldn’t really leave the hotel. Rather than risk another day being rained in on a cold mountain we cut our stay to one night. The next morning before we drove back down the mountain it did briefly stop raining and we did a quick tour of the Boh Tea Plantation, a strawberry farm and The Rose Center.

The tea plantation was beautiful – the rest to be honest was a little underwhelming.

Before it started raining again we checked out and headed back for an extra night in Kula Lumpa before heading to Vietnam.


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