Greece Part 2: Santorini

What: From Crete we got a boat to Santorini for more fun!
When: June 2017
Distance from home: 2181 miles
Length of adventure: 3 nights

Details:  From Crete we got a boat to Santorini where we stayed for three nights, we explored the island and went on an ill fated boat ride!

What did we do?

  • Hired a car and drove up to Oia where I took the famous photo of the blue roofs!
  • Went to Pyrgos to have a drink at the famous Franco’s and watched the sunset – the sunsets in Santorini are very beautiful
  • Ate lunch watching the sea at Kamari near where we were staying.
  • The Sunset cruise! In theory this would have been delightful except for the fact that it turns out Neil gets sea sick! We did swim in the sea for a bit, and Neil was just about ok to see the final moments of the sun set!
  • Santorini was very beautiful but after everyone had said it was one of the most amazing places – I have to admit we found a bit underwhelming. It’s very small and the nicest bit Oia is incredibly busy and expensive. We might have missed the best bits but to be honest we preferred Crete.


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