Greece Part 3: Ios (by accident)

What: From Santorini we were supposed to get a boat to Mykonos – we ended up taking a unscheduled stop on Ios!

When: June 2017

Distance from home: 2142 miles

Length of adventure: 1 hour

Details:  From Santorini we had to get the boat to Mykonos…. 

Our boat was leaving for Mykonos at 11am. We go to the port at Santorini at 10:50 and joined a queue of people waiting to get on a boat. 5 mins later a boat arrived that said it was going to Mykonos, so following the crowds we got on.

It was only when we were on the boat and as it was leaving Santorini the woman checking the tickets told us we were on the wrong boat and would have to get off at the next island and wait for our boat! We did try to pay to stay on the boat but that wasn’t allowed! Now stowaways our only option was to get off at Ios and wait for our boat. So we got off took a photo and waited at the sunny port for our boat.

What we saw of Ios seemed lovely.


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