What: A Long Weekend in Bath
When: May 2013 / November 2017
Distance from home: 115 miles
Length of adventure: 2 nights


Twice now we have fancied a few days away but not wanted to go far so have gone to Bath, its not to far from London, is full of great restaurants and bars and has lots to see and do.

What did we do?

  • We went to the Roman Baths. 
  • Had brunch at the Pump Room, which not only has Roman connections but was the setting for Jane Austen’s Northanger Abby and Persuasion. She wrote in Northanger Abby “Every creature in Bath, was to be seen in the room at different periods of the fashionable hours”.
  • Neil is a keen golfer and we both wanted to see the Royal Crescent so we combined the two by playing miniature golf at Victoria Falls Adventure Golf, which sits in the shadow of the Crescent.
  • As well as the town there is also lots of lovely surrounding countryside to ramble in. On our second visit we stayed at the Pig Near Bath which is just outside the town center, while we were there we went on a lovely walk in the surrounding country side. The food there is also amazing!
  • To be honest Bath so lovely just wondering around the back streets is a lovely way to waste and afternoon.


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