Amalfi Coast Part 1: Sorrento

What: The start of a week on the Amalfi Coast
When: July 2017
Distance from home: 1316 miles
Length of adventure: 3 nights 


For our big summer trip last year we spend a week in island hopping in Greece (which I have written about), then after a week in Greece we flew to Naples and spent another week exploring the Amalfi Coast. Sorrento was our first stop.

What did we do?

  • Hired a moped and drove up and down the coast near Sorrento for a day.
  • Wondered around the old town and sat looking at the sea.
  • Visited a Lemon grove to admire the giant lemons.
  • Got the train to Pompeii to explore the ruins there but there is a different blog about that coming soon.
  • Ate well and drank excellent wine in the sun shine.

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