Several Trips to the South of France (Part 2) – Monaco

What: Day trips to Monaco
When: October 2012, September 2013,  April 2018
Distance from home: About 884 miles
Length of adventure: For the day

Details: Every time we have been to Nice we have gone to Monaco – twice we wondered around the beautiful winding streets ending up at the Cafe de Paris which is next to the Casino Monte-Carlo. It’s a really lovely spot to stop and watch the world go by in the sunshine plus you get a good view of the super-cars parked outside the hotel next to it.

When were were there earlier this year though it rained for 3 days straight so we were in search of indoor activities and ended up spending a morning at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco – it is also known as the Jacques Cousteau Museum as he was director their from 1957 to 1988.

It is huge and full of fascinating fish and a very easy and pleasant way to spend a very rainy day indoors!

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